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Introduction To Teak Wood

Teak wood trees are grown in 3 continents in the world – Africa, South America and Asia(Myanmar).

Teak trees are grown with the proper planning and plantation by private owners as well as Government bodies varying from Country to Country.

Teak is popularly known for its colour and grains that vary in Teak Trees from soil to soil and country to country.  The age of the teak trees ready to cut starts from 10 years and is normally upto 60 years and can be more.

The diameter and length of the trees grow with the passage of time. In all the countries, the teak trees cut are re-grown or re-planted so as to always keep the environment green.

India is world’s biggest importer and consumer of Teak Wood, the reason being Indians are traditionally fancy of grains and colour on the wood and applying natural polish on the wood. Teak wood complies to their requirement.

Procurement and Sale of Teak Wood and it’s products :

A. Asia-Myanmar (Burma)

Round logs of all lengths from 8 feet to 40 feet and girth 2 – 2.11 to 8 – 8.11 feet. Quality – Assorted, Domestic, ER-I, ER-II, ER-III, TP, TL and different areas - best, medium and normal.

B. South America

1. Ecuador

  • Rough Square Logs - Normal Length

Round logs are slightly peeled off by hand saw machine from all the four sides making it rough square logs.

Length 2.30 (7.5 feet) and an average of 1.75 to 5.00  cft per log of Plantation, Better Than Commercial (BTC) and Commercial quality.

  • Rough Square Logs Long Length

Length 4 to 12 meters-average 7 meters and girth of 59 to 94 cms of Plantation, Better Than Commercial (BTC) and Commercial quality.

  • Well Sawn Square Logs of Normal Length

Round logs are slightly more deep cut from four sides by hand saw machine or by saw mills making its surface  look like square with rough surface, are well sawn logs.

Normal length 2.30 (7.5 feet) and an average of 1.00 to 3.00 cft per log of Plantation, Better Than Commercial (BTC) and Commercial quality.

2. Colombia

Round logs and blocks of normal length 2.3 meters to long length 11.5 meters and girths from 40 cms to 110 cms.

3. Panama

Round logs and blocks of normal length 2.30 meters to long length 11.5 meters and girth from 40 cms to 120 cms.

4.  Costa Rica

Round logs and blocks of normal length 2.30 meters to long length 11.5 meters and girth from 40 cms to 120 cms.

5. El Salvador

Round logs and blocks  of normal length 2.30 meters to long length 11.5 meters and girth from 40 cms to 120 cms.

6. Brazil

Round logs of normal length 2.30 meters and long length 5.80 meters and an average girth of 90 cms and above.


C.   Africa

1.  Sudan

a. Round Logs

The era of round logs imports from Sudan is coming to an end. However small quantity of round logs are available from 3 to 6 cft average per log.

b. Blocks

The blocks are made from round logs after deep cutting all four sides of the log at the saw mills to look like square with rough surface are called blocks.The square blocks of an average from 2 to 8 cft per log with an average length of 2.2 to 3.5 meters.

2.   Ivory Coast

Round logs of normal length 2.30 meters to 11.50 meters for girth 40 cms to 150 cms. Blocks of normal length 2.30 meters and average 1.50 to 4 cft per log

3.   Benin

Plantation quality round logs (onab) of long length upto 11.50 meters and also normal length 2.30 meters of girths 40 cms to 150 cms. Blocks of normal length 2.30 meters with an average of 1.50 to 4 cft per log.

4.   Ghana

Round logs and blocks of 2.30 lengths with an average of 1.50 to 4 cft per log.

5. Tanzania

Teak blocks of normal length of 2.30 meters and difference dimensions in width (from 3 inches and above) thickness (from 1 inch and above).

6. Congo

Round Logs of 5 cft and above average per log.

Sawn Teak Wood

Apart from trading of the logs in its original form, we also process them in our state of the art saw mills. We do the sawing of all dimension. We provide every kind of length,width and thickness of sawn wood for every need. The sawn wood of all kind is always readily available.

  • Sudan Sawn Teak

    Sudan Sawn Teak

  • Burma Sawn Teak

    Burma Sawn Teak

  • Burma Teak Round Logs

    Burma Teak Round Logs

  • Sudan Teak Blocks

    Sudan Teak Blocks

  • Ecuador Teak Well Sawn Logs

    Ecuador Teak Well Sawn Logs

  • Ecuador Teak Long Length Logs

    Ecuador Teak Long Length Logs

  • Sudan Round Logs

    Sudan Round Logs

  • Ecuador Teak Rough Square Logs

  • Benin Long Length Round Logs

    Benin Long Length Round Logs

  • Brazil Teak  Round Logs – Long Length

    Brazil Teak Round Logs – Long Length

  • Tanzania Teak sawn sizes

    Tanzania Teak sawn sizes

  • Ecuador Sawn Teak

    Ecuador Sawn Teak